How to Properly Plan Your Move

20 Oct

Planning your move is the first thing that you should do after deciding that you are going to move to a new place. Because there are a lot of things that you need to take care of before, during and after your move, it would be best to plan it so that you will be able to take care of each task without problems.

Planning your move will also enable you to save money because you can look for cheaper packing supplies and inexpensive moving companies when you have sufficient time. Thus, planning a move in advance will enable you to have a smooth and convenient move.

Planning a Move

Planning a move is not as hard as it seems. As long as you do it well ahead of your move day, it can be done.

  • Make an Inventory of Your Stuff

Once you have decided where and when you should move, you can start making an inventory of your belongings. This will enable you to know how much stuff you are going to pack and move to your new place. This will enable you to calculate how much packing supplies you are going to need.

If you are planning on leaving some items behind, it will be much easier for you as you only have to cross out the things that you won’t be bringing.

  • Choose a Good Moving Company

If you are from or moving to the area, there are lots of San Diego movers that will happily accommodate your needs when moving. But, choose one that is not too expensive yet offers high quality service. Coastal Moving, INC is a good example.

Also, look for San Diego moving companies that will give you a written estimate so that you will know how much you are going to spend on your move.

  • Pack Some of Your Stuff Early On

After you have chosen a moving company, you can start buying packing supplies and packing some of your belongings so that you won’t have to do much during the last few days of your stay on your old place.

Pack your daily essentials in a separate box or bag so that you will have extra stuff to use for a few days during your move.

  • Change of Address

A few weeks before your move day, it is usually a good time to take care of your papers because you will get busy once your move day is drawing near. So, change your mailing address at the post office so that your mail will be forwarded to your new home.

You should also take care of your utilities and start applying for a new one or transfer your utilities from your old place to your new house.

When planning your move, make sure that you list all of the things that you need to do so that you can check them off once you are done with them. It would also be great to go to your new place and start looking for places and people whom you will be doing business with in the future such as doctors, lawyers, the post office and hospitals.

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Packing tips before moving

01 Aug

Moving homes could be very exciting but there is a lot of effort involved as well. When I was moving even before I finalized the mover I planned my packing. How I will be moving and storage options were considered. It was me and my partner who were packing for the move. Since both of us have a demanding job schedule we did a complete planning much before the move.

Every day we used to pack a little and we maintained a schedule. When it was time for us to move we had everything properly stored and boxed. All the boxes were organized and named. This initial planning helped us to have a smooth move. Here are some tips that will help you to get all your items properly packed.

Shop for packing

Even before you start packing you must shop for it. There are some essentials that are required to pack the items. I had got strong and sturdy boxes, lots of tape and bubble wrap. For the packing I also used a marker and loads and newspaper.

Pick a room

Once you have all the items that you need for the packing, pick a room. We started with the study and packed all our books and music CDs first. Then we moved to the gadgets, photos and cloths. Kitchen and bathroom were the last rooms that we packed because we were using them till the last minute.

Make a list of all your items

To make sure that you remember all the moving and storage that you have been doing, make a list. We had a list of all the items that were packed and also the box numbers. Yes, we numbered the boxes so that it was easy to identify them. After all, all the cardboard boxes look the same!

Be careful with the packing

When we were packing the fragile items we used a lot of newspaper and bubble wrap to keep it safe. We also used bed covers and blankets to create a cushion for the items. Another thing that we learnt from this packing is that, never stuff a box with too many goods. If the box is too heavy to move you will have problems.

Make a first day box

Finally, when you are doing all the moving and storage remember to make a first day box. We had that too. This box had all the essentials that we might need on day one. Like toiletries, towel, a pair of cloths, energy bars etc.

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Tips to choose a good mover

01 Jul

Last year when I was moving from one state to another, I was completely lost. This was the first time that I had to move and that too all alone. My husband got a great new job where he had to join immediately. So he went before me. I on the other hand had to resign from my current job, leave our first home and take care of all the packing, moving and storage. Needless to say, I didn’t like any of it. But matters got worse when I had to finalize a mover for us.

Since we were moving to a new state I needed someone who was reliable, licensed and provided insurance. We had a lot of things to move, expensive furniture, electronics, exclusive crockery, clothes etc. So I needed all of them to be completely covered. However, I had no idea that hiring a good mover could be so challenging.

There were many movers that I contacted but there was always some or the other problem. And if everything fell into place then they would charge a fortune to help us move. Finally I took help from one of my colleagues who had recently moved to the city. She helped me find a good mover and gave me some invaluable tips. Though I hope that I never have to use them again myself, moving is stressful, but it could be useful to people who are planning a move.

Search a good mover

I went on an extensive search for a good mover with lots of moving and storage experience. There were many good and reputed movers over the internet. You could get all the details about their terms and conditions and even customer reviews. Another great way of getting the name of a reliable mover is to get recommendations from friends. I got many recommendations from friends and colleagues. In fact I got my mover from a recommendation.

Get a quote from more than one mover

I got quotes from more than two movers so that I could compare them. Once you fix a mover there could be date problems so you must have backup. Various quotes will also help you to compare them and get the best deal.

Show all your belongings

Initially I had taken a few quotes over the phone but once the movers checked the belongings and the items that had to be moved, the quotes changed drastically. Therefore, it is advisable that you get the movers to have a look at the items that you are planning to move so that you get an accurate quote.

Do a research on the company

Once you think that you have got a good quote then you must do a research on the company to check all the specifications. Check if they have the license to go interstate and provide insurance.

Once I was satisfied with the moving and storage company that I had selected I went ahead with them. Therefore I suggest a thorough research of the movers so that you cover your belongings well.

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How to get ready for professional movers

02 Apr

It’s been a few months that I have shifted to a new home, my own home. This is a new building in a residential neighborhood in San Diego. Just last week I had my neighbor move in as well in the next door apartment. The day he moved in, last Sunday, he had a major argument with the movers and packers. There was ample reason for the tiff because some of his precious belongings were broken while moving. There are certain precautions that one takes with their moving and storage before the professional movers arrive at the door. I can tell this because this is the 13th time I have moved.

I know this is going to be a lucky 13 for me because finally I am at my own home. Since I work as a photographer I had to keep moving a lot for long durations at a stretch, for a year or two. Now I have a more settled job in San Diego and I have bought a house. But yes, as I was saying, watching my neighbor I have realized that preparing for professional movers needs some practice. Hoping that a little advice would also help, here I am sharing my own knowledge about the matter.

Find a good mover

The first step would be to find a well reputed mover who provides a comprehensive insurance coverage. When I looked I found many San Diego Movers who were giving insurance, packing and moving facility at affordable rates.

Understand the terms

Movers come with their own terms and conditions. There are some professional movers and packers who will help you to pack your belongings and move them. There are some who will just help you to relocate the already packed boxes. So you must check the services that they are offering. There are even certain items that are not transported by the movers. For example, medicine, food items, cash, documents, pets etc. I had checked all the details before finalizing my mover.

Pack carefully

I made sure that I gave a lot of time to packing, moving and storage of all my items. Over the years I have experienced that the more organized your packing is, the quicker and faster you are unpacking it. I had used a lot of newspapers, blankets, bed covers and bubble wraps to give the fragile items good cushioning. I would advise you to do the same.

Check your house

Check the house that you are leaving carefully. I had searched every nook and cranny of my old house before handing over the keys. I do this now because the first few times I had changed a house, I had left behind important stuff. Be very careful with the important documents, your cards and cash. These are the first things that you must pack. Since I have a few friends in San Diego I had packed all my important documents and laptop and kept the package with them. After I moved to the new house and got settled, I brought it back the next day.

Be insured

Movers take a great deal of care to ensure the safety of your goods, after all that’s their job. But in spite of it there are chances of damage and loss. I took a comprehensive insurance coverage from my movers because I had expensive cameras and lenses in some of the boxes. I would suggest a comprehensive insurance for people who are moving with valuable things. Otherwise there are different types of insurance options as well, take the one that suits your need.

Hopefully these tips about moving and storage will help you.

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